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Morocco the mystical and magical. There are very few countries in the world with such a colorful nature and culture. The country has two extensive coastlines on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and has therefore for centuries been the stage of great empires including the Phoenicians, the Romans and the Byzantine Empire. All have a legacy in the vibrant history of the kingdom, but few know that a small group of Berbers, the original inhabitants of Morocco, have played the main role in the most enriching period of this northwest corner of Africa.

The time is around 1050 in southwestern Morocco. At the edge of the sweltering sands of the Sahara Desert a handful of Berbers are taking shelter under an argan tree (Argania Spinosa) with an Old Testament look to it. The leader of the group, Abdullah ibn Yasin is a visionary man and he is on a mission. His mission is to unite all the Berber tribes of the Maghreb and improve and enrich the quality of life of his people.

What starts out as a one-man mission with a vision evolves into a series of Berber dynasties that bring unprecedented wealth and opulence to Morocco. The once humble desert nomads succeed in creating an orderly society full of progressive ideas that is praised for its rich architecture and deep knowledge of nature.

The first Berber Kingdom known as the Almoravid dynasty extends at its peak from the  Sahara all the way to Andalusia. The Berber dynasties endure from the 11th to the 16th century and after five centuries of rule a period of great progress and development for Morocco comes to an end.