Certificering Yentl argan oil

The Ecocert certificate guarantees 100% pure oil and biological processing. Yentl Oil Cosmetics is in possession of this. The Ecocert quality mark focuses on environmentally friendly production of food, cosmetics and clothing. Products with the Ecocert quality mark contain natural ingredients from organic cultivation. With the Ecocert Hallmark, products must contain at least 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Yentl Oil Cosmetics is the first to succeed in developing a line of natural and high-quality beauty products based on high concentrations of pure Moroccan argan oil. Yentl Oil Cosmetics only uses 100% pure and natural bio-certified argan oil, which meets the strictest authenticity check, quality requirements and Ecocert certificate.

Yentl Oil Cosmetics is not tested on animals. This means that no animal testing is done during the production or development of our products.

The argan oil from Yentl Oil Cosmetics is made from the fruits of the rare argan tree, which only grows in southwestern Morocco. This is extracted with respect for the age-old traditions of the local Berber woman in Morocco, cold pressed there so that pure argan oil is preserved and processed according to the latest cosmetic innovations in the Netherlands. Yentl 100% Pure Argan Oil is packed in a glass dispenser bottle so that the active substances are not lost. The pressing is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming process and therefore pure argan oil is fairly rare to obtain. The combination with the rarity of the argan tree has ensured that argan oil is called the Moroccan Gold.