Healing power of argan oil

YENTL helps hydrate dry skin

YENTL soothes the skin immediately

YENTL slows skin aging

YENTL reduces wrinkles and lines

YENTL boost the production of collagen

YENTL stimulates cell renewal

YENTL protects against harmful substances


Argan oil is rich in unsaturated and essential fatty acids and proteins. The beneficial oil is also rich in vitamin E, which is considered to be one of the most powerful biological antioxidants. In addition to an antioxidant function, all these components also have a calming and healing effect. The use of argan oil demonstrably leads to healthy cell renewal, strengthens the immune system and improves blood flow to the face. The beneficial effect of argan oil has already been demonstrated by various medical and scientific studies, described in various media (Linda, Glamor, Grazia, Vogue, Cosmopolitan) and recommended by prominent figures such as Anouk Smulders in RTL Boulevard.

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Yentl Oil Cosmetics is the first to succeed in developing a line of natural and high-quality beauty products based on high concentrations of pure Moroccan argan oil. Yentl Oil Cosmetics only uses 100% pure and natural bio-certified argan oil, which meets the strictest authenticity check and quality requirements.

The argan oil from Yentl Oil is made from the fruits of the rare argan tree, which only grows in southwestern Morocco. This is extracted with respect for the age-old traditions of the local Berber woman in Morocco, cold pressed there so that pure argan oil is preserved and processed according to the latest cosmetic innovations in the Netherlands. Yentl 100% Pure Argan Oil is packed in a glass dispenser bottle so that the active substances are not lost. The pressing is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming process and therefore pure argan oil is fairly rare to obtain. The combination with the rarity of the argan tree has ensured that argan oil is called the Moroccan Gold.

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The complete skin care line from Yentl Oil contains only high-quality ingredients that are selected with the greatest care. Yentl Oil skincare products with high concentrations of pure argan oil care and nourish the skin optimally, are absorbed very quickly and immediately give a magical velvety feel! The beneficial Yentl Oil products make your skin (but also hair and nails) smooth, soft, smooth, firm and resilient, because the natural skin processes are stimulated. Because of the unique compositions, the skin condition will improve and it will get a beautiful radiant shine.

The Yentl Oil products have also been processed in a specially developed Yentl Treatment for salons. This unique treatment is the first argan oil experience for the face, which stimulates all the senses, stepping into the world of argan oil with Eastern rituals for the face. During this treatment you will get to know the treasures of the desert: Argan oil (Morocco), Jojoba (Israel) and dates (Lebanon). These three ingredients nourish, protect, work anti-aging and uncover the beauty of the skin.