Highly concentrated rich emulsion; intensely hydrating and offers protection against free radicals – 30 ml

A natural product, dermatologically responsible and suitable for all skin types

Yentl Serum is enriched with 100% pure, organic, certified argan oil. The powerful combination of argan oil and sea buckthorn oil makes Yentl Serum an intensely hydrating product with optimum antioxidant protection against free radicals. Essential and indispensable for day or night care as an optimal supplement for skin improvement.

  • Very high concentration of active ingredients
  • Protects the collagen
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Intense nourishing, hydrating and soothing
  • Leaves skin silky smooth and smooth
  • Magic skin feeling



We see our skin, the largest organ of our body, as the mirror of our soul.

That is why it is important that our skin is well cared for and given the attention it needs. The Yentl care line based on 100% pure argan oil
are the ideal care products for you, to give skin, hair and nails the care it needs. The argan oil from Yentl Oil is made from the
fruits of the rare argan tree, which only grows in southwestern Morocco. The argan oil is cold pressed there, preserving pure argan oil
remains. The pressing is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming process and therefore pure argan oil is fairly rare to obtain. The combination with the rarity
of the argan tree has ensured that argan oil is called the Liquid Gold. Yentl Pure Argan Oil and Yentl Anti-Aging Facecream are packed in one
glass dispenser bottle so that the active substances are not lost.

Yentl Pure Argan Oil argan oil moisturizes and stimulates the natural regeneration and recovery process. The pure argan oil nourishes and softens the skin and makes
the skin smooth, even and velvety. In addition, it normalizes the skin and also helps to relax dry skin.

Yentl 24hour Facecream restructures the collagen, reduces pores and makes the skin velvety soft and smooth. Yentl 24hour Facecream helps
prevent premature skin aging. The unique formula has a silky smooth effect that gives the skin new resilience, flexibility and a soothing effect
feeling of luxury.

The healing power of argan oil!

Various medical and scientific studies have already shown the beneficial effect. The use of argan oil is demonstrably leading
to healthy cell renewal, strengthens the immune system and improves blood flow to the face. The argan oil is rich in
essential fatty acids, natural antioxidants, proteins and vitamin E. The result of argan oil is a radiant, velvety skin, beautiful
shiny hair and even strong nails. Experience the effect of 100% pure argan oil for your skin, hair and nails and order today!



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