The Yentl Story

The story

The mystical and magical Morocco. There are few countries in the world with such a colorful nature and culture. The country has two vast coasts on both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean and for that reason has for centuries been the backdrop for great rulers including the Phoenicians, the Romans and the Byzantine Empire. All have a legacy in the vivid history of the kingdom but few know that a small group of Berbers, the original inhabitants of Morocco, played the leading role in the most enriching period of the northwest corner of Africa.

What begins as a one-man mission with a vision degenerates into a series of Berber dynasties that brings Morocco unprecedented wealth and wealth. The once simple desert nomads succeed in creating an orderly society with progressive ideas praised for its rich architecture and knowledge of nature.

The first Berber kingdom known as the Almoravid dynasty stretches from the Sahara to Andalusia. The Berber dynasties last from the 11th to the 16th centuries and after five centuries of rule, a period of great progress and development ended for Morocco.