Yentl Treatment



The unique Yentl Argan Oil Treatment is an argan oil experience for the face, which stimulates all the senses on the basis of the intensive Yentl Oil products.


We see our skin, the largest organ of our body, as the mirror of our soul. That is why it is important that our skin is well cared for and given the attention it needs. The Yentl Oil products based on 100% pure argan oil are the ideal skin care products for you, to give skin, hair and nails the care it needs.


Argan oil is rich in unsaturated and essential fatty acids and proteins. The beneficial oil is also rich in vitamin E, which is considered to be one of the most powerful biological antioxidants. In addition to an antioxidant function, these components also have a calming and healing effect. Yentl Oil products moisturize and stimulate the natural regeneration and recovery process, care for and soften the skin and make it smooth, smooth and velvety. In addition, it normalizes the skin and helps relax dry skin. The use of argan oil demonstrably leads to healthy cell renewal, strengthens the immune system and improves blood flow to the face.


Various medical and scientific studies have already demonstrated this beneficial effect. The result of Yentl Oil products is a radiant, velvety skin, beautiful shiny hair and even strong nails. Experience the effect of 100% pure argan oil for your skin, hair and nails with the Yentl Treatment:


Yentl Treatment

Enter the world of argan oil with Eastern rituals in front of you. During this treatment you will get to know the treasures of the desert: Argan oil (Morocco), Jojoba (Israel) and dates (Lebanon). These three ingredients nourish, protect, work anti-aging and uncover the beauty of the skin. All senses are stimulated during treatment based on Yentl Oil products.


To relax our busy life, the hands are immersed in a rose water bath for a refreshing moment. This is followed by a relaxing hand and cuticle massage with a composition of mint extract and Yentl Pure Argan Oil that provides a tingling experience.


The face is cleansed with Yentl Cleansingmilk and possibly the eyebrows can be plucked or use of resin options.


Subsequently, the Yentl Facepeeling with its unique structure through coconut, rice starch and argan oil ensures that the skin loses the dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow. Unevenness is removed by means of deep cleaning.


The relaxing Yentl massage moment with heated argan oil ensures total relaxation.


The unique Yentl Facemask, built from the treasures of the desert, serves as a collagen booster and has a nourishing and invigorating effect. With massage balls in-massaged, this results in an optimal absorption and also stimulating massage effect. The Yentl Facemask is removed with cotton wool, soaked in rose water, and provides the refreshing Yentl wake-up moment. Or choose during the mask for a beneficial scalp massage, based on argan oil with mint extract.


The Yentl Treatment is concluded with the Yentl Serum, which in addition to argan oil contains the powerful sea buckthorn oil and completed with an appropriate and nourishing day care, such as Yentl 24Hour face cream or Yentl Anti-Aging face cream, and Eau de Yentl.


Enjoy your Yentl moment,


Love Yentl.

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